L.O.V.E. Ribbonesia

Ribbonesia art project by an illustrator named “Baku”
(full name Baku Maeda)


Pantone Matryoshka

'Famously perfected by Faberge in the late 1800’s the craft lives on today with Russian Designer Yar Rassadin whose Pantone Matryoshka collection takes inspiration from both the Pantone color matching system and a minimalist UFO style, making for a uniquely modern twist on the nearly 120 year old art form.' - Josh Spear

Ninja Matryoshka

It is said that nesting doll idea came to Russia from Japanese souvenir dolls in 1890.
Pantone Matryoshka was inspired by combination of NINJA and UFO minimalistic style.
Homage to Japan roots :)

Status: personal concept.
Manufacturer: Yar Rassadin
Sales: coming soon


Bug Sound, Alga Science

Alga Science is a series of 14 edutainment toys from Swedish Alga. The toys teach how weather, wind, chemistry, water and electricity works. And when the toys are put together you get a working product.

Stéphanie Marin, Smarin Design

Green Markers

Like these page markers and simple packaging a lot !

Design and sold by Yuruliku Design.

Hold On Thight
by Colleen & Eric


Joceline Howe

Don't Play with your food, 2005, Copyright Joceline Howe


by Christoph Niemann

I LEGO N.Y. by Christoph Niemann (Board book - March 1, 2010)

10,17$ amazon.com


Berlin's First Frozen Yogurt Place

Yoli the Frozen Yogurt Shop in Berlin, the concept of the shop as well as the materials used create a very clean and fresh setting such as that of the product. The large windows and the open spacious interior of the store create a relaxing atmosphere which is sufficiently lit with ample of natural lighting. After finding the ideal location for the shop the owners and Amseldrossel designed a space where the white background like the yogurt would act as the backdrop for the colorful toppings which are represented by the layers of colored shapes on the walls. The seating area continues in the same minimalistic lines and the same concept of the entire shop. The white chairs and tables from Danish furniture designer HAY symbolize the white yogurt where the customers’ clothing will function as the colorful topping of the white furniture. The sleek minimalistic design continues onto the handmade counter which was custom made by an old school German carpenter, it is positioned nearly in the middle of the room, open on both sides and with space behind, so that the customer can see the preparation of their own very customized frozen yogurt. Finally the Frozen Yogurt: which is customized for every customer by allowing them to choose from a wide range of toppings to create their own unique combination.
(Text quoted from WeHuntCool)